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London Market MIS

London Insurance Market - Purpose built management information systems for insurers and syndicates.

Specific features for Underwriting, Claims, Finance, Operations and Compliance.

Systems Components:

  • Data Warehouse

  • Systems Integration

  • Report Manager

  • Reporting Models

  • Analysis Cubes

Specific modules for:

  • Premium Credit Control and Facility Monitoring

  • Premium earning

  • Underwriting Authority Management

  • PMD Reporting


  • Provides underwriting performance figures and trend analysis by latest business classifications

  • Estimated, written, unearned and settled premium with detailed deduction analysis

  • Claims by fees and indemnity

  • Comfort in knowledge that all departments are using the same figures and data

  • Whole account and detailed reconciliations on a daily basis

  • Double entry recording standard and "as at" reporting

  • Automatic contra and corrections

  • Original, settlement and multiple converted currency options


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